OUR GOAL: to help our customers save time and money by shipping the least amount of lumber they need to get the job done. HARDWOOD INDUSTRIES IS NHLA GRADE CERTIFIED “The NHLA Facility Grade Certification Program is a quality assurance program for NHLA members only, designed to help differentiate your business from the competition and assure customers that your lumber is“On Grade.” Companies that participate in this program are illustrating to customers and potential customers, their willingness to openly submit to independent quality checks and stand behind the quality of their lumber.”- NHLA WHAT DOES IS IT MEAN TO BE NHLA "GRADE CERTIFIED?" In 2017, Hardwood Industries submitted an application to be NHLA “Grade Certified.” Here are the results of our first two inspections of randomly selected lumber by a trained NHLA certification inspector: NHLA Minimum Standard: Combined money value (grade and/or tally) must fall within 4% of invoice amount. Our results: 103.3% on Grade 100.4% on Tally A combined 103.7% value Our goal: 100% on Grade 100% on Tally 96% 100% 103.7% 99% 101% 102% 103% 98% 97% 95% 7.7% Above NHLA minimum standard! WE WERE APPROVED! ...and currently the only company on the West Coast that is NHLA Grade Certified.