White Oak Hardwood Industries, Inc. Hardwood Industries, Inc. hardwoodind.com www.hardwoodind.com These H.I. products promote the full use of the natural resource. Front Back Rustic H.I. ((RU HI) Rustic H.I. is not associated with a specific NHLA grade. Graded after H/M surfacing from 1, 2, or 3A Common Lumber. The following specs clarify H.I. brand Rustic H.I. White Oak: Rustic H.I. is graded for a rustic appearance from NHLA 1, 2, or 3A Common Lumber. Ideal for furniture and cabinet applications that desire the natural characteristics inherent in the species. • Heart: No specification on either face. • Dimensions: Width 3-1/4" and wider, Length 4' to 16'. • Sound Defects: Allowed without limit. There must be at least 2 sound defects in each board. Each board must be at least 83-1/3% sound. Minimum sound cutting of 3" x 3' or 4" x 2'. Maximum sound knot size average diameter of 3". • Manufacturing: Not more than 1" of bow, side-bend, wave, or twist in 8' of length. • Sticker stain: Not allowed on best face. Treated as a defect on the back. • Color: Irregular color allowed without limit. • Trim backs: Up to 25% maximum. • 44RUHIAWO(L) • 54RUHIAWO SKUs: