Cherry Front Back Hardwood Industries, Inc. Superior Plus ((SUP +)) Superior Plus grades NHLA S/B at H/M with the following exceptions: • Heart: Grade Face: 90% to 100% heart face after straight-line rip. Back Face: 70% to 100% heart face after straight-line rip. • Graded after surfacing. • Manufacturing: Not more than 1/2" of bow, side-bend, wave, or twist in 8' of length. • Dimensions: Widths 5" and wider, Lengths 6' to 16'. • Splits: Maximum split allowed on each end is equal to the square footage of the board in inches. • Sticker stain: Not allowed on grade face. Treated as a defect on the back. • Color: Material from specific regions and mills. • Gum: No limit on either face. Extreme gum pulled to Superior Rustic. Superior Plus is identical to Superior Prime with the exceptions of being 5" and wider, allowing moderate gum on the grade face, and no requirement of a big-cut. This grade is designed for high-yielding applications that require a high percentage of heartwood on both the face and back of the board. It is ideal for multiple rip, long, clear 2 face, and clear 1 face cuttings. • 44S+EC(L) • 54S+EC(L) • 64S+EC(L) • 84S+EC(L) • 104S+EC(L) • 124S+EC(L) SKUs: Hardwood Industries, Inc.