Cherry Front Back Hardwood Industries, Inc. 2 Common Dark Finish grades standard NHLA #2C at H/M with the following exceptions: • Heart: Grade Face: less than 70% heart face. -or Grade Face: 90% to 100% heart face. and/or Back Face: less than 50% heart face. Back Face: No percentage of heart specified. • Graded from the poor face after surfacing. • Dimensions: Width 2-3/4" and wider, Length 4' to 16'. • Sticker stain: Allowed without limit. • Color: Non-uniform within the cutting. • Sap: Allowed without limit. 2 Common Dark Finish (2C DF)) 2 Common Dark Finish is identical to Cabinet Dark Finish with the exception of each board grading NHLA 2 Common. It is ideal for short to mid-length clear 2 face, and clear 1 face cuttings. This grade is designed for applications where a dark finish will neutralize the color differences of heartwood and sapwood, when a color variation is desired, or when a lower price point is needed. 20 SKU: 442CDFEC Hardwood Industries, Inc.