Cherry Front Back Hardwood Industries, Inc. Rustic Dark Finish will not be associated with a specific NHLA grade. Graded at H/M from #1, #2, and 3A Common Lumber. • Graded after surfacing. • Sap: Allowed without limit. There must be at least 10% heart on 1 face. • Sound Defects: Allowed without limit. There must be one sound defect in each board. • Manufacturing: Not more than 1" of bow, side-bend, wave, or twist in 8' of length. • Gum and Streaking: Allowed without limit. • Dimensions: Width 3-1/4" and wider, Length 4' to 16'. • Splits: Maximum split allowed on each end is equal to 2 times the square footage of the board in inches. Rustic Dark Finish (RU DF)) Rustic Dark Finish has identical heart content to 2 Common Dark Finish. It is ideal for furniture and cabinet applications that require the natural characteristics that are inherent in the species. This grade is designed for applications where a dark finish will neutralize the color differences of heartwood and sapwood, when a color variation is desired, or when a lower price point is needed. 23 SKU: 44RUDFEC Hardwood Industries, Inc.