2 Common HI grades standard NHLA #2C at H/M with the following exceptions: • Heart: Grade Face: 70% to 90% heart face after straight-line rip. Back Face: 50% to 70% heart face after straight-line rip. • Graded from the poor face after surfacing. • Dimensions: Width 2-3/4" and wider, Length 4' to 16'. • Manufacturing: Not more than 2" of bow, side-bend, wave or twist in 8' of length. • Splits: Maximum split allowed on each end is equal to 2 times the square footage of the board in inches. • Sticker Stain: Not allowed on grade face. Treated as a defect on back face. • Gum: No limit on either face. Cherry Front Back Hardwood Industries, Inc. hardwoodind.com 2 Common HI (2C HI)) 2 Common HI is identical to 2 Common Plus with the exception of requiring slightly less heartwood on either face. It is ideal for short to mid-length clear 2 face, and clear 1 face cuttings that require a good percentage of heartwood on both the face and the back of the board. SKU: 442CHIEC Hardwood Industries, Inc. www.hardwoodind.com