Hardwood Industries, Inc. www.hardwoodind.com 9 Sheet Stock Hardwood Industries, Inc. hardwoodind.com Book Match The most common matching type. Alternating leaves of veneer are turned over, so that adjacent leaves are opened like the pages of a book. Visual Effect: Veneer joints match, creating a symmetrical pattern. Yields maximum continuity of grain. Prominent characteristics will ascend or descend across the face. Slip Match Adjoining veneer leaves are fed in sequence (without being turned) so that the same side of the veneer leaves are exposed. Visual Effect: Figure repeats but grain does not match at joints. Enhances color uniformity because all faces have a similar light reflection. Joints may not be noticeable if grain is straight, vertical slant may occur if grain is not exactly vertical. Random Match Veneer leaves of the same specie are selected and assembled without regard to color or grain. Resulting in variations, contrasts, and patterns of color and grain. Pleasing appearance is not required. Visual Effect: No visual continuity across the face should be expected. VENEER MATCHING