Matching Edge Tape - Stocked in laser and non-laser. SKU - Laser / Non-Laser Description 1516FBBZLET / 78BBET Brilliant Bianco (White) High Gloss 1516FBBIZLET / 78BBIET Brilliant Bigio High Gloss 1516FBCEZLET / 78BCEET Brilliant Cemento High Gloss 1516FBCUZLET / 78BCUET Brilliant Cubanite High Gloss 1516FRWZLET / 78RWET Radiant White High Gloss 1516FCRBZLET / 78CRBET Crystal Bianco High Gloss 1516FSBZLET / 78SBET Sky Black Matte 1516FFBKET / 78FGEET Fenix Bianco Kos (White) Matte 1516FFGEET / 78FGEET Fenix Grigio Efeso Matte 1516FFNIET / 78FGEET Fenix Nero Ingo (Black) Matte Panels - 3/4" x 51" x 110" SKU Description 34BB2SHPLMDF Brilliant Bianco (White) High Gloss 2 Side 34BBI2SHPLMDF Brilliant Bigio High Gloss 2 Side 34BCE2SHPLMDF Brilliant Cemento High Gloss 2 Side 34BCU2SHPLMDF Brilliant Cubanite High Gloss 2 Side 34RW2SHPLMDF RadiantWhite High Gloss 1 Side /White Backer 34CRB2SHPLMDF Crystal Bianco High Gloss 1 Side / White Backer 34SB2SHPLMDF Sky Black Matte 1 Side / Black Backer 34FBK2SMPCTS Fenix Bianco Kos (White) Matte 34FGE2SMPCTS Fenix Grigio Efeso Matte 34FNI2SMPCTS Fenix Nero Ingo (Black) Matte An extremely matte, anti-fingerprint, thermally healing, and super soft surface solution. Super matte surfaces boast an industry leading gloss level of zero, creating an elegant surface without reflection. FENIX NTM MATTE RAUVISIO SKY MATTE Hardwood Industries, Inc. Sheet Stock Hardwood Industries, Inc. REHAU IN STOCK CUT AND BANDED COMPONENTS We deliver modern design to your door in days. With ZERO-JOINT perfection and 60+ finishes, REHAU takes the stress out of modern and lets you do what you do best: satisfy your customers. Get INSTANT PRICING online for your custom Cut & Banded Components and Cabinet Doors. 25 Bianco / White Cemento Cubanite Black Grigio Efeso Bigio To check current stock, and for a link to the Order Portal, go here: ORDER PORTAL Can be used as a countertop and/or horizontal surface. Hardwood Industries, Inc. is NOW STOCKING REHAU Surface Solutions in the following styles and colors: (Other colors / styles available with lead time.) Brilliant, Radiant, Crystal, & Sky are 1.3mm thick. Fenix is 1mm thick.