Hardwood Industries, Inc. www.hardwoodind.com Sheet Stock Hardwood Industries, Inc. hardwoodind.com 10 PLYWOOD TABLE ABBREVIATIONS PROPRIETARY GRADE DESCRIPTIONS Pleasing Match Veneer leaves are matched by color similarity. Visual Effect: Provides an overall pleasing appearance. No sharp color contrasts are allowed at the joints. Grain characteristics may not match. Plank Match Dissimilar (in color, grain, or width) veneer leaves of the same specie are specially selected and assembled in a specific order to create a particular look. Plank matched faces are sometimes grooved at the joints between veneer leaves to simulate lumber planking. Visual Effect: Casual or rustic effect. The components may be of different widths within the panel face. BM - Book Matched PM - Plank Match STK - Sound Tight Knot FG - Flat Grain PS - Plain Sliced VC - Veneer Core MF - Multi Face QS - Quarter Sawn VG - Vertical Grain MO - Mill Option RS - Rift Sawn WPF - Whole Piece Face PBC - Particle Board Core SM - Slip Match XC - Combi Core VENEER MATCHING Premium: Our high-end custom grade. Better than standard HPVA grading rules. H.I. : Custom value engineered grade. When a lower price point is desired. S = sustainable These H.I. products promote using materials from sustainable forests. LE = low emission These H.I. products are produced using low-emitting eco-friendly materials. NR = natural resource These H.I. products promote the full use of the natural resource.