MIRLUX Premium High Gloss and Super Matte Panels

MIRLUX Premium Panel is a sleek, modern surface. Available in high gloss or super matte finish with superior color richness with depth and clarity. A sustainable, low maintenance, durable, and scratch resistant solution for kitchen and bath cabinets, interior casework, closets furniture, wall panels, retail fixtures, displays, and other vertical surface applications. Renowned for its excellent thermal and UV stability, high strength, dimensional stability, optical clarity, and precision surface characteristics. MIRLUX is lighter and less expensive than glass or solid acrylic with an easy-to-clean, hygienic surface.

MIRLUX is constructed of PET (Polyester – Polyethylene Terephthalate) laminated to super smooth, low surface variance TSCA Title VI Certified medium density fiberboard (MDF). Super Matte also available with particle board (PB) and plywood (VC) cores. The surface PET is co-extruded as .49mm film that is laminated with PUR adhesive that results in a water-resistant seal that won’t delaminate and allows MIRLUX to have the smoothest surface possible.

Backing Options: • Standard melamine in matching color. • Standard white melamine. • Same material as face (Matching PET).

Sustainably manufactured and supremely durable, MIRLUX Premium Panel and its applications are being installed in the finest building projects across North America.


MIRLUX Premium High Gloss and Super Matte Panels
High Gloss White and Black with Super Matte top drawers.

MIRLUX High Gloss Color Options:

MIRLUX Premium High Gloss Panel Color Options

MIRLUX Super Matte Color Options:

MIRLUX Premium Super Matte Panel Color Options

PVC, the common material other high gloss and matte finish panels are constructed from are not as stable and environmentally friendly as PET. The plasticizers in the PVC create toxic fumes when burnt and they also migrate causing discoloration of other materials that they are in contact with. Plasticizers present in PVC can cause leaching. MIRLUX’s PET panels are safe, inert, non-toxic and chemically neutral. No off-gassing occurs during lamination of the PET roll stock to the MDF due to using a cold process with PUR (polyurethane) adhesive. Once MIRLUX is installed, the PET surface is hygienic, stain resistant and keeps its color when exposed to UV rays.

MIRLUX High Gloss

MIRLUX Premium High Gloss Panels

MIRLUX Super Matte

MIRLUX Premium Super Matte Panels

MIRLUX Premium Panel Composition

MIRLUX Zero-Line Hot Air / Lazer Edgebanding

MIRLUX Edgebanding

Zero-Line Edgebanding is applied without adhesive. Made of 1.2 mm ABS, it melts and bonds with the substrate and fills in voids and pits on the edges to result in an encased, zero-edge, water-resistant substrate. Super matte faces with matching edge banding give the look of a continuous painted surface without cracking or peeling with an easy-to-maintain surface. High gloss edgebanding has a reflectivity of 91° and super matte a 4°. (Regular ABS hot melt glue application edgebanding also available.)

Ultra-Modern Look

High Gloss Finish: Depth of color with a mirror-like finish. .5 mm thick PET surface results in a more reflective and ripplefree surface.

Super Matte Finish: Features rish color and a luxurious, soft texture. .4 mm thick surface results in a smoother look and feel.



• Super Scratch Resistant (SSR) Coating, a hard coat finish for excellent scratch resistance.

• Impact and shatter resistant.

• Water resistant.

• Hygenic, does not promote bacterial growth.

• Stain and UV resistant.

• Won't crack, peel, flake, or delaminate.


• TSCA Title VI certified MDF substrate.

• Safe, non-toxic and chemically neutral, inert material.

• PVC and BPA free.

• No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Made in the USA.


• Less expensive than acrylic.

• Lower cost of maintenance and ownership.

MIRLUX, Made in the USA!