Hardwood Decking and Related Supplies In Stock

Hardwood Decking in stock! Ipe, Tigerwood, Red Balau (Batu) and more. Finishes, tools, fasteners, sanding equipment, all in stock and ready for your next decking project. With over 40 years of hardwood experioence, trust the experts at Hardwood Industries for your decking material needs. Let us help you make your dream deck a reality!

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Hardwood Decking in stock!  Ipe, Tigerwood, and Red Balue (Batu) decking in several popular sizes.

IPE - Outstanding decay, mold, bug, and slip resistance.

Ipe is known as the very best hardwood decking product available. Ipe’s hardness, strength, and beauty make it perfect for decking. It also naturally exceeds the ADA’s slip resistance requirement. Available in S4S or milled for clip style installation.
• Color: Dark brown to reddish brown. • Origin: South America. • Janka: 3,510 lbf. • Sustainably Sourced.

Thickness Width
4" 6" 8"
4/4 X X X
5/4 X X X

Ipe decking in 4 inch and 6 inch width.

TIGERWOOD - Stunning exotic appearance.

One of the finest quality hardwoods available, featuring a unique light golden-brown to reddish-brown coloring with exotic black streaks. Gorgeous grain, warm colors, and superior durability. Available in S4S or milled for clip style installation..
• Color: Vibrant red, orange, brown, with black streaks. • Origin: South America. • Janka: 2,170 lbf. • Sustainably Sourced.

Thickness Width
4" 6" 8"
4/4 X X -
5/4 X X -

Tigerwood decking in 4 inch and 6 inch width.

RED BALAU (Batu) - Luxury look, lower price.

Looking for the rich classic look of Mahogany without the price? Red Balau is your answer! Sometimes called Batu, this durable decking requires minimal maintenance to keep its visual appeal. Available in S4S or milled for clip style installation.
• Color: Russet red brown to medium brown. • Origin: Southeast Asia. • Janka: 2,100 lbf. • Sustainably Sourced.

Thickness Width
4" 6" 8"
4/4 X X X
5/4 X X -

Red Balau, sometimes called Batu, decking in 4 inch and 6 inch width.

4x4 Deck Posts

4x4 deck posts made in-house in Ipe and Tigerwood. Shorten your install time by having us drill your posts for you! Available solid or pre-drilled for proper cable spacing to meet cable spacing code requirements. 48" length for residential applications, 54" for commercial. Other species available on special order.

4x4 Deck Posts in Ipe and Tigerwood, available pre-drilled for Feeney Cable Rail.

Fenney Cable Rail

The original cable rail! Stainless steel cabling In Stock and ready for your next cable rial project. Weather tough and low maintenance without blocking the view!

Fenney Cable Rail systems, parts, and accessories in stock.

Fasteners and Tools

Clips, fasteners, and install tools. Easy to use, easy to learn, usable on any deck.

Camo decking installation tools.

Fasteners and related products specifically for deck construction.

Starborn decking fasteners and related decking specific  installation tools.

American Sanders
Orbital Sander OBS-18

At 3,600 orbits per minute, sands faster than any other orbital sander available. Torque-less for enhanced operator comfort.

American Sanders OBS-18 Oribital Sanding Machine

Black Talon
Standard and angled stainless-steel hidden clips. Keeps your deck boards firmly in place, despite any natural expansion and contraction of your deck boards.

Black Talon straight and sngled decking fastener clips.

Anchorseal 2
Best-in-class hardwood decking protection. Apply to freshly cut ends of Ipe, Tigerwood, & Red Balau to prevent up to 90% of end checking, to extend the life of your deck.

Anchorseal 2 decking wood end sealer.

RUBIO Outdoor Finish and Cleaner

Hybrid Wood Protector

A genuine ‘monocoat’, coloring and protecting exterior wood in a single layer. This exterior oil finish protects wooden decks, patios, doors, etc. from discoloration and weathering. Easy application and maintenance makes this oil exceptionally user-friendly. Available in 22 colors. 0% VOC’s!

Exterior Wood Cleaner

Cleans wooden patios, fences, etc., prior to finishing with a Rubio exterior finish. Removes grey discoloration, green deposits, and dirt.

Rubio Hybrid Wood Protector Rubio Exterior Wood Cleaner 1L

Ipe deck example, with Feeney cable rail.