Live Edge Slabs From Hardwood Industries

- Sitka Spruce
- Monkeypod - Only 1 left!
- Walnut

Live Edge Slabs are Now Available!

This look has become increasingly popular due to the warmth, character, and elegance associated with each individual slab.  Each live edge slab is unique and ready to be transformed into a custom table, countertop, bench, or mantel adding a remarkable look to any room. 

Each live edge slab is kiln dried to 6-8% and sourced from the Midwest.

Available for viewing at our Sherwood, OR facility. We can transfer to any of our locations with a short lead time.

CLICK HERE to download a pdf or our current stock with pricing:

Download our Live Edge Slab stock list.

Sanding Options: Save time and have us sand your slab for you! Your slabs will be sanded down to specified thickness and packaged for pick-up.

5/4 Slab:
Sanded to 1" - $80 per slab.

10/4 Slabs:
Sanded to 2-1/4" - $80 per slab.
Sanded to 2" - $100 per slab.

Hardwood Industries Walnut Live Edge Slabs