Hardwood Industries stocks a wide variety of edge banding and veneer products.

Edge Banding and Veneers

Standard 7/8" x .018" PVC banding is stocked in all the popular colors to match our Roseburg® melamine. Most rolls are 600 feet. White PVC are 1200 feet rolls.

13/16" Pre-glued polyester edge banding is stocked in white, almond, black and custom gray. Color or wood grain patterns to match Roseburg® melamine are just a few days out on special order. This product is unaffected by heat during or after application and suitable for straight line or contour applications.

Veneer edge banding is offered in a variety of edgebanding sizes and species. For example; Alder, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, and VG Fir. View our stock listed by species in our Sheet Stock Guide.

Prefinished Maple veneer edge banding is stocked in 13/16" x 250' with a glue back, or 5/8" x 500' and 15/16" x 500' with a fleece back.

To enhance the appearance of your cut materials, we have the application processes to add PVC, Veneer or Solid Wood edges. ZERO-LINE Edge Banding now available as well!


Zero Line Edge Banding Now Available!

We stock a variety of species of veneer, from Alder to White Oak. For special needs, other veneer species are available. Wood on wood, phenolic, or 3M peel & stick backs are also available options. Other popular choices for special projects include sequence matching, 10 ft. lengths, and burls. Send a Quote Request for special order pricing and availability.

Check out our full list of Stock Edgebanding and Veneers in our SHEET STOCK GUIDE.

Composite veneers serve as a great alternative for such items as Teak or Birdseye Maple veneers where cost is a concern. Crafted exclusively of wood products from managed forests, these veneers are free of defects and unparalleled for consistency in grain and color.

- Wood Veneer Edge Tape
- Pre-Finished Wood Veneer Edge Tape
- Polyester/Melamine Edge Tape
- PVC Edge Tape
- ZERO-LINE Edge Tape

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