b'RED OAK IS SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED AND SEQUESTERS CARBON Forest Inventory and Analysis Red oak trees grow naturallydata shows U.S. Red Oak growing and almost exclusively in North America, though often stock is 92.5 billion cubic feet,planted elsewhere. 17.9% of total U.S. hardwoodWidely distributedthroughout most of thegrowing stock.American Redeastern United States inOak is growing 2.14 billion cubic mixed hardwood forests.feet per year while the harvest is 1.13 million cubic feet per year. The net volume (after harvest) is increasing over 1 billion cubic feet each year!U.S. forests stored 64.7 billion tons of carbon in 2019.1.3 tons of CO2 stored per cubic yard of wood. It takes only 1 second to grow 1.3 cubic yards of American Red Oak.All data from the American Hardwood Export Council, www.ahec.orgMORE HARDWOOD IS GROWN EVERY YEAR IN THE USA THAN IS HARVESTEDH ardwoodI ndustrIes , I nc . www.hardwoodind.com'