b'Imports and Exotics H ardwoodI ndustrIes , I nc .hardwoodind.comSAPELE 1 & BetterScientific Name: Entandrophragma cylindricum Common Names: SKU: 441BSASAPJanka Hardness: 1,410 lbf African Sapele, Sapelli, SapeliSpecial Average Dried Weight: 3.50 lbs/BF1 & Better Special is a unique grade that develops from questionable or poor appearance boards from FAS lumber.We emphasize pulling this grade to improve the value of our Superior grades.Ideal for narrow rip long length mouldings, finished higher moisture applications, or when a low price point is desired.Designed for applications that need long and mid-length clear 2 face, and clear 1 face cuttings.1 & Better Special grades NHLA S/B or #1C after H/M surfacing.The following specs improve or clarify H.I. brand vs. NHLA standards: Heart:No specification on either face.Sticker stain: Not allowed on best face.Treated as a Dimensions: Width 3-1/4" and wider, Length 6\' to 16\'.defect on the back. Manufacturing: Not more than 1" of bow, side-bend, wave,Color: Irregular color allowed without limit.or twist in 8\' of length.Trim backs: No specification. Splits: Maximum split allowed on each end is equal to thesquare footage of the board in inches.Front BackH ardwoodI ndustrIes , I nc . www.hardwoodind.com'