b'Imports and Exotics H ardwoodI ndustrIes , I nc .hardwoodind.comSAPELE SuperiorScientific Name: Entandrophragma cylindricum Common Names: SKUs: 44SPASAP(L)64SPASAP(L)104SPASAP(L) Janka Hardness: 1,410 lbf African Sapele, 54SPASAP(L)84SPASAP(L)124SPASAP(L)Prime Average Dried Weight: 3.50 lbs/BF Sapelli, Sapeli SKUs: 44SPASAPQS(L)64SPASAPQS(L)104SPASAPQS(L) 54SPASAPQS(L)84SPASAPQS(L)124SPASAPQS(L)Superior Prime is our highest grade of Sapele.Designed for high-yielding big-cut applications that require a very high percentage of clarity on both the face and back of the board.Ideal for wide rip, long, clear 2 face cuttings.Superior Prime grades NHLA S/B after H/M surfacing.The following specs improve or clarify H.I. brand vs. NHLA standards: Heart:No specification.Manufacturing: Not more than 1/2" of bow, BOARDMINIMUMDimensions: Widths 6" and wider, Lengths 7\' to 16\'.side-bend, wave, or twist in 8\' oflength. LENGTH BIG-CUT * Minimum Yield: 83-1/3% on best face, Splits: Max. split allowed on each end is equal 7 - 8 ft. 5.5" x 84"66-2/3% on back face.to the square footage of the board in inches. Each board will contain a clear 1 face big cut, asSticker stain: Not allowed on either face. 9 - 10 ft. 5.5" x 100" shown in the table to the right.Color: Irregular color not allowed.11 - 12 ft. 5.5" x 120" Size of the big cut varies by length of the board.Trim backs: Up to 25% maximum. 13 - 14 ft. 5.5" x 140"15 - 16 ft. 5.5" x 160"FLAT SAWN QUARTER SAWN *Denotes clear 1 face cut.Front Back Front BackH ardwoodI ndustrIes , I nc . www.hardwoodind.com'