b'Hardwood Flooring & Sundries H ardwoodI ndustrIes , I nc .hardwoodind.comWOODWISE wood fillers set the trade standard SKU Descriptionfor excellence.Created by and for wood flooring WWDCBO1 Edger Bagprofessionals, WOODWISE understands the uniqueWWDCBO3 Sander Bagneeds of the industry.WWEP107 Epoxy Filler 2oz 7"TubeWOODWISE wood fillers were developed for waterWWFEP18 1/8" x 7" Edger Padand solvent-based stains and finishes.These envi- WWFT101 Red Oak Filler 1Gronmentally friendly wood fillers contain no harsh WOOD FILLER PRODUCTS solvents and do an outstanding job of filling cracks,WWFT103 Red Oak Filler 3.5Gnail holes, gouges and broken edges.They take aWWFT203 Maple Ash Pine Filler 3.5Gstain at rates similar to wood.Easy to sand and finishing goes quickly because edger papers dontWWFT301 White Oak Filler 1Gclog or become dull, lasting 2-3 times longer than with other fillers.WOODWISE bonds tightly, fillsWWFT302 Maple Ash Pine Filler 1Gsmoothly, dries evenly and hard, and cleans up easily with water. WWFT303 White Oak Filler 3.5GWWFT601 Walnut Filler 1GWhite WWFT951 Braz Cherry Filler 1GMaple Ash Pine WWPF102 Red Oak Filler 3ozLight Oak WWPF202 Maple Filler 3ozRed Oak WWPF302 White Oak Filler 3ozWhite Oak WWPF502 Medium Brown Filler 3ozMedium Brown WWPF602 Walnut Filler 3ozCherry WWPF702 Cherry Filler 3ozBrazilian CherryWalnut WWPF802 White Filler 3ozGray WWPF932 Ebony Filler 3ozEbony WWPF942 Light Oak Filler 3ozWWPF952 Braz Cherry Filler 3ozWWPF962 Gray Filler 3ozWWPF992 Color Kit Filler TubeWWSJ004 Stair Jig Scribe ToolWWSJE05 Stair Jig - ExtensionWWWOTEST01 White Oak Test KitOregon City, OREst. 1992HighPRO Tools prides itself with manufacturing the highest quality tools for flooring professionalsSKU Descriptionsince 1992.Manufacturing pneumatic hardwood flooring nailers and staplers.HighPRO has a full1-12HIGHPRO 1.5" x 15ga Staple 5000/Boxline of tongue & groove cleat nailers, staplers, pre-finish staplers, 5/16" top nailers and finish nailers. 2HIGHPRO 2" x 15ga Staple 5000/BoxDesigned specifically for hardwood flooring installers who need professional quality and durability in a lightweight, fast, and reliable tool.HighPRO is confident their tool balance and reliability willHPSTPL18GA1.25 1.25" x 18ga Staple 5000/Boxexceed your demands.HighPRO\'s tool durability, fastener strength and customer service has madeHPSTPL18GA1.50 1.50" x 18ga Staple 5000/Boxthem "The Professionals Choice."HighPRO PneumaticHighPRO Pneumatic2LCLEATHIGHPRO 2" L Cleat 16 GaugeFinish Stapler FS-50Finish Stapler HP-4590T1.5LCLEATHIGH 1.5" L Cleat 18 GaugeMallet fired.IncludesTrigger fired.1.75LCLEATHIGH 1.75" L Cleat 18ga 1000/Boxcase and mallet. Includes case.SKU: HPSTAPLERFS-50 SKU: HPSTAPLER4590 HPANGLENAIL1.5 15ga x 1.5" Angle NailHPANGLENAIL1.7 15ga x 1.75" Angle NailHPANGLENAIL2 15ga x 2" Angle NailHighPRO PneumaticHighPRO 2" x 15ga. Cleat Nailer LFN-50Flooring StaplesHPCLEATNAILER Cleat Nailer LFN-50Mallet fired.Includes5000 count. HPSTAPLERFS-50 Flooring Stapler FS-50case and mallet. SKU: 2HIGHPRO HPSTAPLER4590 Flooring Stapler HP4590TSKU: HPCLEATNAILERHIGHPROHAMMER Standard hammer withwhite cap16 H ardwoodI ndustrIes , I nc . www.hardwoodind.com'