b'Hardwood Flooring & Sundries H ardwoodI ndustrIes , I nc .hardwoodind.comSEALERSSeries Base SKUNordic Water BNWSGNatural Water BTNSGClassic Water BTBSGSEALERS, FINISHES, AND STAINS Intense Water WATERBOURNSLRAmber Water BKAMBERSLRSEALER AND FINISH SYSTEM DriFast Solvent WDFSA system with endless possibilities.Putting truly greatFINISHproducts together creates unbeatable floor protection,Series Base SKUand a world of new options for craftsmen and home owners.It adds the freedom of combining differentMega Satin Water MFSGcolorations and durabilities.Bona Finishes performMega Semi Water MFSGGeven better with Bona Sealers underneath.BecauseWater based sealersMega One Matte Water BM1FMGBona Sealers dont just add coloration, they also makeand finishes come inMega One Satin Water BM1FSGBona Finishes adhere even better to the floor, creating1 gallon plastic jugs. unsurpassed floor protection.Home, office, or heavyMega One Semi Water BM1FSSGcommercialtogether Bona Sealers and FinishesOil-modified basedTraffic Satin Water BTTRFCGproduce the best floor protection available. sealers and finishes come in metal Traffic Semi Water BTTRFCG-SGDRIFAST STAIN gallon pails. Traffic Anti Slip Water BTTRFCGAS-SHD Traffic Matte Water BTTRFCGHD-MAOffering the latest choices forhardwood floor inspiration.HD Traffic Satin Water BTTRFCGHD-SFour beautiful collections with 26 HD Traffic Semi Water BTTRFCGHD-SGcolors capture the invigoratingWoodline Satin Solvent WUSGspirit of great design.Find just the right shade or custom mix for aWoodline Semi Solvent WUSGGunique offering to your customers. Woodline Gloss Solvent WUGGCLASSIC Rich presentation of authentic browns and rich auburns.This exemplary palette is rooted in the natural appeal of hardwoods and traditional design heritage.RED MAHOGANY- BKDFSRMHG EARLY AMERICAN- BKDFSEAM JACOBEAN- BKDFSJACOBEAN ANTIQUE BROWN- BKDFSABR SPECIAL WALNUT- BKDFSWALNUT TWIG- BKDFSTWIGESSENTIALS Warm ambers and hints of exotic spices that transport this palette across varied design styles.Find just the right shade for your particular paradise.SPICE BROWN- BKDFSSPICE COCOA- BKDFSCOCOA CHERRY- BKDFSCHY PROVINCIAL- BKDFSPRO MEDIUM BROWN- BKDFSMBR NUTMEG- BKDFSNMG BARK- BKDFSBARKNATURALS Subtle and soft, mixing light tones with warm whites.This easy, breezy collection blends right in with your everyday, every way living.GOLDEN OAK- BKDFSOAK PURITAN PINE- BKDFSPINE WHITE- BKDFSWHT NATURAL- BKDFSNAT SAND DUNE- BKDFSSAND BIRCH- BKDFSBIRCHMETROPOLITAN Saturated reds, smoky browns, greys and rich, chocolatey black.Each color captures an urban vibe thats just right for todays sophisticate.GRAPHITE- BKDFSGRAPHITE EBONY- BKDFSEBONY SEDONA RED- BKDFSSEDONA DRIFTWOOD- BKDFSDRIFT GREY- BKDFSGREY ROSEWOOD- BKDFSROSE AGED PEWTER- BKDFSAGED12 H ardwoodI ndustrIes , I nc . www.hardwoodind.com'