Custom Glued Products

When your plans call for custom manufacturing, Hardwood Industries has the equipment, wood products and experienced personnel to produce high quality laminated products. Hardwood laminated products can be manufactured to your specifications and in a variety of species. We stock stair treads, risers and cutting boards in several sizes and species for convenient purchases. We can also custom manufacture laminated butcher blocks or panels and have your order ready for pick-up within a normal 4 to 5 day turn-around. If it needs to be glued, we can do it.


Warranty for Unfinished Butcher Blocks and Glued Panels

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The only warranty, expressed or implied, is a 1 year guarantee against defect in workmanship and material. 


Upon receipt of package, through processing, installation and use, the material shall be stored in an indoor relative humidity (RH) controlled environment between 30-44%.  Material must be properly sealed and finished on all sides including edges, face and back within 24 hours after opening package or warranty will be void.  Tops or panels finished with natural oils or wax require application a minimum of once a month or warranty will be void.  This warranty does not apply to warped panels.  See our website for information regarding maintenance instructions and warped panels.


This warranty does not apply to damages which may result from neglect, accidental or intentional damage, damage or wear to any mechanism, normal wear and tear, misuse of product, unauthorized repair, exposure to extremes in temperature and humidity and alteration or abuse of the product. 


This warranty, is limited, at the discretion of Hardwood Industries, Inc. to repair or replace the product (or one of equal type and quality if the product is no longer available), within 60 days.  Cost of reinstallation, finishing, etc are at the purchaser’s expense.  Hardwood Industries, Inc shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from use, or for consequential damages.  This warranty gives certain legal rights and there may be other rights that vary from state to state.