View our Roseburg melamine stock list here.

We are a full line distributor of Roseburg®, so we stock the most popular colors, patterns and woodgrains. Roseburg Duramine® Thermally Fused Laminate panels consist of resin-saturated decorative papers thermally fused under heat and pressure to a substrate of Roseburg UltraBlend particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF).

Stocking colors in 3/4” are on an Industrial Pine Particleboard and the 1/4” on MDF. A special order minimum of 10 sheets of one thickness is required for a ‘mini-lift’ order for colors not stocked. Fire-retardant and moisture-resistant cores are available on a special order basis. Panels as large as 5’ x 12’ may also be special ordered.

We also stock limited product lines with a broad spectrum of manufacturers such as Panolam, KML, Trimac Panel Products, and Specialty Laminates. Custom orders can also be filled using any one of these manufacturers.

Panlolam Surface Systems     MKL designer finishes     Specialty Laminates


- 1/4" to 1-1/2".
- 4' x 6' to 5' x 10'.
- Solids, wood grains, and textured.
- Many colors and finishes.
- FSC and/or NAUF.