Hardwood Industries, Inc. www.hardwoodind.com 15 Stock Moulding & Components Hardwood Industries, Inc. hardwoodind.com BUTCHER BLOCKS Order instructions: We stock pre-ripped blanks ready to glue for quick turnaround times. All made at our facilities located in the Northwest. We make our tops slightly oversized 1-2" in length and 1/2" to 1" over in width. Give us your net sizes when ordering. Trimmed to size is available for an extra charge. Minimum charges apply. Custom: Other makeups using different stave sizes as well as custom species such as Alder, Ash, Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Fir, Jatoba, Mahogany, Red Oak, Sapele, Western Maple, White Oak, etc., are available by special order. Edge Grain panels longer than 120" may be available. Pictured in as-delivered state: raw and unfinished. Calico (Natural) End Grain Calico (Natural) Edge Grain White (Sap) End Grain White (Sap) Edge Grain HARD MAPLE SKU: 1-12WMEDGE SKU: 1-12WMEND SKU: 1-12NMEDGE SKU: 1-12NMEND EUROPEAN BEECH Calico (Natural) End Grain Calico (Natural) Edge Grain White (Sap) End Grain White (Sap) Edge Grain SKU: 1-12BEEDGE SKU: 1-12BEEND SKU: 1-12NBEEDGE SKU: 1-12NBEEND WALNUT Calico (Natural) End Grain Calico (Natural) Edge Grain Heart End Grain Heart Edge Grain SKU: 1-12WEDGE SKU: 1-12WEND SKU: 1-12CWEDGE SKU: 1-12CWEND Standard Sizes & Specs: • 100 grit standard finish • 1-1/2" standard thickness • Clear on face and edges • Edge Grain 1-1/32" staves • Edge Grain max size 48" x 120" • End Grain 1-1/32" x 1-1/2" Squares • End Grain max size 48" x 48" These H.I. products promote the full use of the natural resource. Warranty: We warranty all of our butcher blocks & counter tops. For more details visit: www.hardwoodind.com/custom-glued/ HOWARD  PRODUCTS We also stock the finest butcher block oil & conditioner on the market. Keep your H.I. butcher blocks at their best with: Howard® Cutting Board Oil features the penetrating quality of food grade mineral oil enriched with Vitamin E to prevent drying and cracking. SKU: CBO12 Howard® Butcher Block Conditioner adds an extra layer of protection with the water-resisting traits of beeswax and carnauba wax. SKU: BBC12 BAUBUCHE - LAMINATED BEECH VENEER SKUs: 1-34X26X9BABE 1-34X26X13BABE 1-34X26X14BABE 1X26X9BABE These H.I. products promote using materials from sustainable forests. Standard Sizes & Specs: • 80 grit standard finish • 1.772" thickness • 26.7" width • 118.1", 157.4", & 177.1" lengths • Made in Germany Custom Panels: Widths from 26.7" to 48", up to 1-5/8" thick, and lengths up to 175".