b'THERMO TREATED POPLARNatural, Safe, and GreenThermo Treated Poplar is a safe, chemical-free, natural alternative to chemically preserved wood.Extreme heat "thermally modifies" the hardwood throughout, permanently altering its chemical and physical properties.Sugars are cooked away, and the moisture content is reduced to a very low 5 to 6%.A sustainable domestically harvested alternative to tropical imports such as Teak and Ipe.Thermo THERMOTreatment ChamberTREATEDINCREASED DIMENSIONAL STABILITY:Moisture related shrinkage and swelling is reduced 5 to 15 times. REPELS MOISTURE at the molecular level, and lowers the equilibrium moisture content by 50% to 90%. ENHANCED VISUALLY:The finished product has an even brown color consistent to the center of the wood and the grain structure is beautifully accented. UNTREATED 100% CHEMICAL FREE:It is a 100% GREEN product and GREEN technology.Sherwood, OR800-745-6620 Sold By:Bend, OR 541-389-2236Medford, OR 800-669-0657Woodinville, WA 888-750-5881Kent, WA 888-750-5881WWW.HARDWOODIND.COMCopyright 2020 Hardwood Industries, Inc. Text and images are protected under the copyright laws of the United States and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of Hardwood Industries, IncAll rights reserved.Violators will be prosecuted.'