b'Hickory H ardwoodI ndustrIes , I nc .www.hardwoodind.comH.I. Brand Hickory Heart/Sap Content SummaryHICKORYGrade: Page # 80/100 to 90/90 to H2Fto S2Fto30/30 Heart 10/10 Heart 90/90 Heart 90/90 Sap Scientific Name: Carya spp.Superior Prime Calico 5 X Common Names: shagbark, shellbark, Superior Plus Calico 6 X scalybark,pignut, bitternut,Superior Plus Heart 7 X mockernut, pecanSuperior Plus Ivory 8 X Janka Hardness: 1,820 lbfSuperior Plus B Calico 9 X Average Dried Weight: 4.25 lbs/BFSuperior Plus B Heart 9 XSuperior H.I. 10 X X X X SAPWOOD1 & Better Special 11 X X X X The outer, lighter colored wood is the Cabinet Prime Calico 12 X sapwood.We call it "Ivory" hickory for its Cabinet Prime Heart 13 X rich color tone.This is the "working" part Cabinet Plus Calico 14 X of the tree, as nourishment flows through Cabinet Plus Heart 15 X the sapwood.Cabinet Plus Ivory 16 X HEARTWOODCabinet H.I. 17 X X X X The darker colored wood formed 2 Common Plus Calico 18 X when older sapwood "retires", and 2 Common Plus Heart 19 X becomes the strong spine of the tree.Rustic Prime Calico 20 XRustic Prime Heart 21 X BIRD PECKRustic Plus Calico 22 X Small blemishes resulting from bird Rustic Plus Heart 23 X pecking that can contain ingrown bark.RusticH.I. 24 X X X X NHLA states that pecks 3/8" and under RusticH.I. E 25 X X X X are allowed in 2 Common and Better RusticH.I. F 26 X X X X lumber.We consider bird peck to be a RusticH.I. G 27 X X X X defect in our clear cutting grades.H.I. Brand Hickory Grades by ThicknessGrade: Page # 4/4 5/4 6/4 8/4Superior Prime Calico 5 XSuperior Plus Calico 6 XSuperior Plus Heart 7 X 4/4Superior Plus Ivory 8 XSuperior Plus B Calico 9 X 15/16"Superior Plus B Heart 9 XSuperior H.I. 10 X X X 5/41 & Better Special 11 X X X XCabinet Prime Calico 12 X 1-3/16" Cabinet Prime Heart 13 XCabinet Plus Calico 14 XCabinet Plus Heart 15 XCabinet Plus Ivory 16 X 6/4Cabinet H.I. 17 X2 Common Plus Calico 18 X 1-7/16"2 Common Plus Heart 19 XRustic Prime Calico 20 XRustic Prime Heart 21 XRustic Plus Calico 22 X 8/4Rustic Plus Heart 23 XRusticH.I. 24 X 1-15/16"RusticH.I. E 25 XRusticH.I. F 26 XRusticH.I. G 27 XH ardwoodI ndustrIes , I nc . www.hardwoodind.com'