b"WHY POPRIETARY GRADING?Years ago, in order to maintain some sort of standard, the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) created grades for lumber that the industry has traditionally followed.The problem is, there are so many different variations within each grade that many boards produce very low yields or are unusable for many customer applications.THE JOURNEY FROM GOOD. T OGREATRE - MANUFACTURED RE - GRADEDINDUSTRY LEADINGINDUSTRY LEADING TALLY ACCURACYTALLY ACCURACYGRADE CERTIFIED TALLY GUARANTEED Each board is tallied to the tenth of a board foot andRE - TALLIEDstamped on both the face and the end of the board.www.hardwoodind.com4.7 ALDERREMARKABLE!BOARDS ARE GRADED FOR APPLICATION INSTEAD OF TO A MINIMUM STANDARD.List of available8-LAYER PROFIT PACKS can be found here:www.hardwoodind.com/catalogs/profit-pack-list/OUR SOLUTION:At Hardwood Industries, we created a proprietary grading system to give customers availability to lumber that can more specifically meet their needs.Our own NHLA trained graders follow a very rigid set ofguidelines in selecting boards based on our proprietary grades.If a board is of questionable grade, we will rip or chop the board to improve the value.If we cannot improve the value, we will downgrade the board to the next lower grade.Boards are graded for application instead of to a minimum standard.WE DO LUMBERDIFFERENTLY.OUR ALDER GRADESThe following pages show pictures representative of Hardwood Industries' Brand grades of Alder.Select the grade that values best for your application.When the grade of Alder arrives at your facility you will see for yourself how a more refined grade will improve your profitability using H.I. Brand lumber.Our goal is to improve your yield, reduce your labor, reduce your inventory, and minimize risk associated with your job!"